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Dads 124cc Gilera in '67

'66 Sears Gilera 124cc

This is my dad working on his Gilera in '67

Mom on 124cc Gilera in '67

Wheelie Mama

This my mom in '67 on a Sears Gilera in what looks like a wheelie. My dad propped the bike up on the centerstand and tilted the bike back while spinning the front wheel for some hi tech '60's special effects.

124cc Gilera in '67 fake wheelie

Gilera Warfare

This is a neighbor set up for the same stunt. I don't think he had to lean back as far as my mom wink wink.

106cc Gilera with Honda seat

Sears 106cc with Honda Seat

Taken in '67 this is a 106cc with a minor seat mod.

Mom Madison Indiana Road Trip 1977

'70 Honda CB750 in '77

This is a picture of my mom back in '67 standing next to my dads '70 CB750K in the aqua blue color. They were on a road trip in Madison, Indiana

Uncle and His Z1 900 Madison Indiana Road Trip 1977

Bug Off

My Uncle Steve cleans his windshield in Madison, Indiana on a road trip with my parents and My Aunt Phillis and Uncle Chuck. This picture was taken in '77 and the bike in front is a '73 Z1 900, the next is a '70 CB750 and a '75 CB750K in the rear.

 Indiana Road Trip 1980

Don't Touch the Threads!

This is 1980 and another road trip. This one shows my dads '78 KZ1000B LTD that he had recently bought. The bike on the right is the same Z1 900 from the last picture and you can see the '75 CB750 That was almost hidden in the back

If you have some old pictures that are interesting and motorcycle related I would love to add them to this section. I can add whatever text you want as long as it is short and sweet.